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A best-selling pack of premium brushes for Procreate. Brought to you for free by Artist School.

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Free brushes for Procreate

Maximize your creativity with the Essential Brushes for Procreate

The Essential Brushes pack includes the must-have brushes you need to create stunning illustrations and designs using Procreate. Our goal is to equip you with the ultimate toolset, empowering you to produce professional illustrations effortlessly, without wasting countless hours searching among thousands of brushes to find the perfect one for each situation.

What's included

Sketch brush


This versatile brush is perfect for those who love to sketch and draw with the feel of a soft pencil. With complete control over your lines, this polished brush makes sketching a breeze.

Wonderwall brush


Create a range of textures and effects with this dense brush, featuring small holes that allow you to create both concrete surfaces and abstract sparkles. Ideal for adding depth and interest to any artwork.

Outline brush


Add the perfect finishing touches to your artwork with this precision brush, ideal for drawing shapes outlines, creating highlights and adding final details to objects. Its versatility makes it a must-have for any digital artist.

Cushy brush


This brush creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your artwork, perfect for drawing clothing and objects of interior. Its soft and comforting effect will make you want to curl up with a good book.

Smoothline brush


If you're a fan of filled-outline style drawing, this is the brush for you. With its ability to create perfect curves and smooth contours, this brush will help you create stunning artwork with ease.

Diesel brush


Add a unique denim texture to a variety of objects and backgrounds with this stylish brush. Perfect for adding an edgy touch to your artwork.

Stardust brush


Add depth and interest to your artwork with this multi-purpose texture brush. Its noise effect creates a sense of atmosphere and realism, making it a great addition to any artist's collection.

Wasteland brush


Bring your desert, mountain, and marble objects to life with this versatile brush. It's also great for adding texture to water and other natural elements in your artwork.

Dune brush


This brush is ideal for adding texture to buildings, stones, and ceramics. Its versatility makes it a great choice for any artist looking to add depth and interest to their artwork.

Cabin brush


Create a range of wooden and solid objects, or add a glitch effect to your artwork with this excellent brush. Its versatility makes it perfect for any digital artist.

Cobra brush


Add a leather-like texture to animal skins and interior objects with this versatile brush. Its stylisation capabilities make it a great addition to any artist's collection.

Spirit brush


Achieve a beautiful watercolor effect with this brush. Its ability to blend with other textures in overlay mode makes it a great choice for creating stunning and realistic artwork.

Collapse brush


This brush creates a unique, textured effect that is perfect for creating a distressed or grunge look in your artwork. Use it to add a touch of character to your designs and create a sense of depth.

Milky Way brush

Milky Way

This brush is perfect for creating a unique, textured effect in your artwork. Its noise effect and shading capabilities make it a great choice for adding depth

Designed by Kunchevsky

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