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Procreate Dreams

The Ultimate Course For Beginners

Be among the first to learn the new revolutionary animation app for iPad. Our complete course will empower you with the skills to create amazing animations with ease.

English + Subtitles
8+ hours
Tools used
iPad, Procreate Dreams
Alex Kunchevsky
Procreate Dreams

A new standard in animation

Procreate Dreams sets a new standard in animation, offering a fusion of powerful tools and innovative features accessible to everyone. Dive deep into the artistry of hand-drawn animations and intricate motion graphics.

Animations for everyone

Bring your ideas to life

With Procreate Dreams anyone can become an animator. Our beginner-friendly course will teach you everything you need to know to start animating in Procreate Dreams, from basics to advanced animation techniques. Starting with the app's core features, we'll quickly delve into essential animation principles. With easy-to-follow tutorials, hands-on exercises and practical examples, you'll be equipped to bring your creative visions to life with ease.

Learn efficiently

Quickstart with Procreate Dreams

Discover Procreate Dreams tools

You will get familiar with the interface, all the essential tools, many advanced techniques and hidden tricks of using Procreate Dreams.

Set the scene

You will learn the best practices of approaching and structuring the projects of any complexity with the scenes that go beyond the screen.

Make animations from scratch

By following our step-by-step video tutorials you will practice creating animations from start to finish.

Create video effects

Explore how to edit and enrich videos with motion graphics to add unique effects that captivate and engage.

Add sound to your animations

You will learn how to bring more life to your story by adding music, voice overs and other sounds to your animations.

Tell breathtaking stories

With Procreate Dreams you will be able to focus on storytelling and bring all of your creative ideas to life with ease.

An effective way of learning

Video lessons

Video lessons

The curriculum consists of easy-to-follow video lessons.
Lifetime access

Lifetime access

When you enroll you are granted full lifetime access to the class.
Track progress

Track progress

You'll be able to track your course progress on every stage.


Do your homework after the lessons to practice and learn efficiently.

Course curriculum

Part 1 16 lessons

Procreate Dreams essentials

Start your animation journey through the core elements of Procreate Dreams. Get familiar with the user-friendly interface, master all primary features, and bring your animations to life with dynamic sounds and fundamental camera techniques. This foundational exploration sets the stage for creating professional animations.

Part 2 9 lessons

Create stunning animations

Improve your animation skills by mastering scene composition. Learn how to control and refine scenes easily. Explore advanced light effects, utilize masks strategically, and captivate your audience by crafting seamless animations.

Part 3 10 lessons

Master advanced techniques

Dive into advanced techniques, blending creativity and innovation. Add fun to videos with seamless animations. Use dynamic text, control animations over scenes, employ advanced camera effects, and craft professional splash screens. Elevate your animations into masterpieces that are both captivating and professionally polished.

Get the Artist School certificate that will be a confirmation that you’ve completed our online course.
About our certificates
Certificate of completion
Alex Kunchevsky

About the instructor

Alex Kunchevsky - a graphic designer, illustrator and animator. He’s been using Procreate to create artworks for brands like Google, ClickUp and Discord. Besides getting great experience in creating digital art, he has developed his own process in working with Procreate which enables him to implement any creative idea he has in his head easy and fast. With an efficient approach and his passion to teaching, he has already helped over 100,000 students across the world master digital illustration in Procreate.

Procreate Dreams

The ultimate course for beginners.

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    Lifetime access
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    8h+ video lessons
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    Free updates
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    Certificate of completion
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    Private community
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Lifetime access
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What equipment do I need?
To get started you only need to have an iPad with Apple pencil and Procreate Dreams app. You can see the full list of iPads that support Procreate Dreams here.
Do I need any prior experience in animation?
Absolutely not! This course is designed specifically for beginners.
What languages are supported?
The course is entirely in English. Video subtitles are available in the following languages:
  • - English
  • - Arabic (العربية)
  • - French (Français)
  • - German (Deutsch)
  • - Hindi (हिन्दी)
  • - Indonesian (Bahasa indonesia)
  • - Italian (Italiano)
  • - Korean (한국어)
  • - Russian (Русский)
  • - Spanish (Español)
  • - Portuguese (Português - Brazil)
Can I watch it offline?
Yes, you can watch the lessons offline via Teachable app on iOS.