Artist School Certificates

You'll get a personalized certificate signed by the teacher as a confirmation of a successful completion of the course.


Get it

Complete 100% the curriculum and finish the course projects to get your certificate.

Print it

Hang it on the wall or bring it anywhere as a proof of completing the course.

Share it

Share an online version of your certificate with anyone using your unique link.

Validate it

Your certificate will have a QR code so anyone will be able to check its validity.

Enroll now to get yours

Get started now, study at your own pace, receive your certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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Will I get a certificate?
Yes, every student is granted a personal certificate after completing 100% of the curriculum.
How can I get a certificate?
Once you've completed the Artist School drawing course you’ll be able to request the certificate and we will send your personalized certificate to your email. You will also receive your unique link with the online version of the certificate that you'll be able to share.
What format are certificates in?
The certificate is in PNG format so you can print it or use digitally. Certificates include your full name, the teacher's name and a signature. Also the certificate has a QR-code to prove your ownership.
How long does the certificate last?
The certificate doesn't expire and will last forever.